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Panasonic KX-NS1000 IP PBX

The KX-NS1000 is a 2U, rack-mountable, wall-mountable, desk-mountable or shelf mountable SIP Server/PBX.

It is truly unique in that it can act as a stand-alone SIP Server, an Enterprise SIP Server Farm with up to 16 locations and "One Look" Extension Dialing across Gateways. It can also be configured as an adjunct to a new or existing NCP or TDE series PBX where larger amounts of digital and/or analog Trunks or Extensions are needed.

This system is best suited for organizations that understand the merits of SIP Trunking and SIP Extensions.

Main Features

• Multi-site Design (Up to 1000 Extensions across 16 Sites)
• Centralized, Web Based Programming
• System-wide, "One Look" Dialing 
• Unified communication platform
• Reliable Uptime with built-in back-up solution
• Highly flexible options with VoIP, Digital and SIP
• Wide range of application support
• Two-year standard warranty
• SIP Trunking 
• ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) with QSIG
• T1 for Trunking and Point-to-Point
• Analog (POTS) CO Line Trunking 
• Caller ID (Name & Number)
• VoIP Gateway with QSIG (Enhanced System Networking)
• VoIP Extensions (Proprietary and SIP)
• DECT Multi-Cell Wireless
• PC-Based Programming
• DXDP (Digital Extra Device Port)
• Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
• Toll Restriction
• Digital Voice Mail Integration
• Enhanced System Networking
• Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
• Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
• IP Address is built into the MPR
• IP Gateway is built into the DSP Card 

How and where to Purchase

The KX-NS1000 is a model sold only by Panasonic Certified Dealers. It must be registered and requires activation keys that can only be provided by a Panasonic Certified Dealer in good standing. This system is NOT available directly from Panasonic, nor will Panasonic activate this system for you. Only dealers who have successfully completed the KX-NS1000 Technical Training course, have a valid KX-NS1000 certification number and meet the yearly purchase requirements outlined by Panasonic can activate these systems. To find Panasonic Certified Dealers worldwide or in your specific area go to Panasonic-America.com.


KX-NS1000 IP PBX System
1 2U Shelf with 2 Option Slots
1 SRM11, 650MHz Main Processor Unit
1 Built-in Power Supply 
1 SD Card

NOTE: Accessory cards are not included with the KX-NS1000 and must be added as needed based on a specific configuration.

Maximum System Capacities

System Capacities vary depending on whether the KX-NS1000 is operating in a standalone mode or a One-Look mode. For details, pease download the KX-NS1000 Specifications chart.

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