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Panasonic KX-NCP500 IP PBX

The KX-NCP500 is a 2U, rack-mountable, wall-mountable, desk-mountable or shelf mountable PBX with all of the features as in the top of the line "TDE Series." The cards are interchangeable with the larger KX-NCP1000. Features are identical with only the capacities being different.

The KX-NCP500 uses only one cabinet and cannot be expanded without switching to the 3U, model KX-NCP1000 system.

This system is best suited for organizations or high-end residences of between 10 and 80 extensions. It was designed with great emphasis on networkability on both trunk-side and extension-side while still supporting analog and digital technologies. If you are unsure of future growth it may be wise to consider the KX-NCP1000 instead.

See Maximum System Capacity chart below for more detail.

Main Features

• SIP Trunking 
• ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) with QSIG
• T1 for Trunking and Point-to-Point
• Analog (POTS) CO Line Trunking 
• Caller ID (Name & Number)
• VoIP Gateway with QSIG (Enhanced System Networking)
• VoIP Extensions (Proprietary and SIP)
• DECT Multi-Cell Wireless
• PC-Based Programming
• DXDP (Digital Extra Device Port)
• Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
• Toll Restriction
• Digital Voice Mail Integration
• Enhanced System Networking
• Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
• Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
• IP Address is built into the MPR
• IP Gateway is built into the DSP Card 

How and where to Purchase

The KX-NCP500 is a model sold only by Panasonic Certified Dealers. It must be registered and requires activation keys that can only be provided by a Panasonic Certified Dealer in good standing. This system is NOT available directly from Panasonic nor will Panasonic activate this system for you. Only dealers who have successfully completed the KX-NCP Technical Training course, have a valid KX-NCP certification number and meet the yearly purchase requirements outlined by Panasonic can activate these systems. To find Panasonic Certified Dealers worldwide or in your specific area go to

KX-NCP500 IP PBX System
&2 Large Slots
1 Main Processor Unit
1 Built-in Power Supply 
1 SD Card

NOTE: Accessory cards are not included with the KX-NCP500 and must be added as needed based on a specific configuration.

Maximum System Capacity

Maximum Number of Trunks

From Physical Shelf


Note 1

From Virtual Shelf


Note 2

Not to Exceed Total for Physical & Virtual Shelves


Note 3

Maximum Number of Extensions

From Physical Shelf


Note 1

From Virtual Shelf


Note 2

Not to Exceed Total for Physical & Virtual Shelves


Note 3

Note 1: The KX-NCP500 Physical Shelf has a total of 5 Free Slots, 3 of which are small and 2 of which are large. The small slots can accept 4-Circuit Loop Start Analog Trunk Cards (LCOT4), 23B+D Channel ISDN Primary Rate Interface Cards (PRI23) or 4-Port Digital Hybrid Extension Line Cards (DHLC4). The large slots can accept 24-Channel T1 Cards (T1), 8-Port Digital Extension Line Cards (DLC8), 16-Port Digital Extension Line Cards (DLC16), 8-Port Single Line Extension Cards (SLC8), 16-Port Single Line Extension Cards (SLC16) or a 3-Module Option Board for Door Controllers, DISA/OGM, Sensors or an Echo Canceling card. Each time you populate a slot with a physical card, you are effecting the ratio of Trunks -to- Extensions. Example: A configuration using all physical slots for 64 trunks means that there is no room for physical extensions or special option cards such as Door Controllers, UCD/DISA, etc. Likewise, a configuration using all physical slots for 44 extensions means that there is no room for Trunks or special option cards.

Note 2: The KX-NCP500 Virtual Shelf has a total of 8 Slots - 4 are Trunk related and 4 are Extension related. Each virtual trunk slot can accommodate 16 trunks for a total of 64 Virtual Trunks. Slots accept either SIP CO Lines or H.323 CO Lines provided that no more than 32 of these are H.323. Each virtual extension slots can accommodate up to 32 IP extensions. IP extensions are available as SIP (hard or soft) or Panasonic Proprietary (also hard or soft).

Note 3: Totals are somewhat dynamic. Even though the maximum number of trunks is 128 and the maximum number of extensions is 172, you cannot realize both at the same time since you would run out of slots. Your Panasonic Certified Dealer will help you balance these maximums so as to optimize the system for future growth.

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