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All of the IP PBX systems featured on this site support the use of SIP Trunks.

We recommend that you choose a carrier AND a dealer that are both SIP Certified by Panasonic. A Certified Carrier is one that has entered into an Interoperability Testing Agreement with Panasonic and has proven total compatibility. The carrier must first test any proposed network changes using the specific Panasonic PBX model to which they are certified on, to make sure that no Panasonic PBX is adversely affected. Before deploying any changes, they must notify Panasonic of these changes so that these tests can be made in real time under actual conditions. Without such testing, you could find yourself without communications and no one would understand why.

How and where to Purchase SIP Trunks

If you would like our help sorting all this out, simple complete the brief questionnaire below and we will start the process of obtaining SIP Trunking Service for you.

Currently, this is for SIP Trunking Service originating from the United States only. You or your PBX do not have to be in the United States but the service will show that it is coming from the United States. You will be assigned a U.S. telephone number or group of numbers.

Your information WILL NOT BE SHARED with anyone except for those who will be providing the help, service or support.

If you think that SIP Trunking is right for you, please complete the form below.

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